Wash and Fold

Wash and Fold:

FREE Pick Up & Delivery

Laundry ($30.00 minimum): $2.00/lb

Monday / Thursday service

Same day express Service: $3.00/lb (20lb minimum)

Some items are charged separately and not weighed.

Comforters & Mattress Pads (Regular):

  • Twin/Full: $22.50
  • Queen: $26.75
  • King: $29.75


  • Regular: $5.25
  • Large $10.50

Sleeping Bags:

  • Regular: $21.00

Down filled comforters/pillows/sleeping bags add an additional $12.99 per item.

If you’d like nothing more than to have your dirty laundry whisked away and returned to you washed, dried and neatly folded, Green Dry Cleaners can help. Contact us today to schedule a laundry pickup!